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Digital Wallet - An Easier Way to Pay

West Suburban Bank Visa® Debit and Credit Cards are now compatible with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay digital wallets. Add your WSB debit and credit card, then shop in-store, in-app or online with your mobile device. You will get the same great benefits that come with your card, plus the added convenience of a digital wallet.

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How Digital Wallet works

All digital wallets use a form of encryption of your personal data and payment details in order to process your payment. The process varies depending on the digital wallet you are using.

Digital Wallets are made possible by a technology known as Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC allows two devices, like your mobile phone and a payments terminal, to talk to each other when they are in close proximity. These transactions are known as Contactless Payments.

In order for a Contactless Payment to be successful, you must hold your phone two inches or less from a payment terminal.

Why You Should Try It


Making payments with a digital wallet will take a fraction of the time of traditional magstrip and chip card transactions - and are much faster than cash or checks.


There's no more need to look through your wallet for the right card. The digital wallet provides convenient images of your WSB credit or debit card. You simply select the card in the wallet you would like to use for payment.

Less Items to Carry Around

Nowadays most people have their phones with them all the time. If you store your WSB credit or debit cards in a digital wallet, you can pay at accepting stores without needing to carry your physical wallet and plastic cards with you.

Enhanced Security

Unlike your regular wallet, your digital wallet can use your phone controls, such as a PIN or using Touch ID, to unlock the phone to use the service. If someone finds your physical wallet, your cards are right there, along with your driver's license and your information can instantly be compromised. However, if someone finds your phone, your information is protected by your locked device. Plus, when a payment is made using a digital wallet, the information exchanged is not your actual card number. Instead, a unique transaction identifier or token is exchanged, which can help enhance the security of your data.

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