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Child Savings Accounts

Saving money is fun!

Start your kids on the right path in learning how to manage their money with an account just for them. We offer the tools that make saving money fun. At the account opening, we will give your child a FREE WSB piggy bank. They can use their piggy bank to save money. Once their piggy bank is full, bring them into any WSB location so they can turn those coins into savings using our self-serve coin counting machine. It's fun, it's easy and it helps prepare them for the future.

The Benefits of a starting Child Savings Accounts

Saving and spending habits are developed at a very young age. When you open a child savings account at an early age, you can help make saving a normal event for your child which helps set them on the road to financial security.

Stop by any WSB location or schedule an appointment to open a Child Savings Account today!.


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