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Safe Deposit Boxes

West Suburban Bank offers our deposit account customers safe deposit boxes in a wide range of sizes and prices at many of our convenient banking locations. Let this service secure your insurance policies, birth and marriage certificates, stocks and bonds, wills and deeds, titles to real estate and automobiles and certificates of deposit. We rent our boxes on an annual basis. As an extra benefit SAVE $5.00 a year by simply making arrangements to have your rental fee automatically deducted from either your checking or savings account.

Choose the Safe Deposit Box* that fits your needs:

2 by 5 box annual fee $20 3 by 5 box annual fee $30 4 by 5 box annual fee $35
5 by 5 Box Annual Fee $45 3 by 10 box annual fee $55 5 by 10 box annual fee $75
6 by 10 box annual fee $85 10 by 10 box annual fee $100 10 by 15 box annual fee $125

* Box sizes are not available at every location.

Insure all the valuables in your safe deposit box

Unlike your bank accounts, safe deposit box contents are not insured by the FDIC, however with a new program offered through Safe Deposit Box Insurance LLC, you can now insure all of the property in your box, subject to policy limitations, without having to disclose the contents or obtain any appraisals. It is simple, easy, convenient and completely private. For more information or to enroll, visit their website at

Insurance products are not deposits of or guaranteed by the bank or any affiliate of the bank and are not insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government Agency.

To learn more about our safe deposit box rentals, visit with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer services representatives at your local branch office, or contact us. Let us know that you found us on the internet! Locations with safe deposit boxes are labeled with an asterisk.

FDIC Insurance does not apply to contents of safe deposit boxes. Nor do we insure box contents in any way. The contents of the box are confidential and known only to you and you are responsible for obtaining any insurance you feel is necessary on your box contents.

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